Other great sites

 Do you know of another great site that will equip men who want to really love their girlfriend, partner or wife?  Not just an ‘okay’ site and not just a ‘good’ site… it needs to be really useful and really good.  If it’s a great site for equipping men, let us know about it.

Fathering Adventures


‘Fathering Adventures’ was founded by Darren Lewis in July 2008 and is an adventure-based initiative devoted to turning the hearts of fathers to their children, and the hearts of children to their fathers.

Just before Fathers Day 2011, Darren was named Queensland Father of the Year at a function in the Brisbane. Darren will absolutely consider partnering with you in your region to offer father & son or Dad & Daughter adventures there. ‘Fathering Adventures’ currently partners with others in South-East Queensland and Victoria.


Wanted Man Training

www.wantedmantraining.com.au                     Phone: 0400 447 828

Email: info@wantedmantraining.com.au

Wanted Man Training trains and equips men with new skills for a terrific marriage or relationship. No hugging, no butcher’s paper, no crying, no weird stuff… just men having fun and getting skilled up to take things at home from okay to great or from good to fantastic. One day or evening events – not for faint-hearted men, but definitely a life-changing experience for those willing to challenge themselves.

Focus On the Family


Focus on the Family is an organization that produces and markets books, dvds and other resources that promote healthy families, marriages and relationships from a church perspective.

Affair Healing


is by far the best site we’ve come across for dealing with affairs of all types and at all stages.  Profoundly useful articles in information.  How this site isn’t commonly known to everyone in the relationships business is a mystery to us.  Great interviews, great info, great analysis, very real and to the point.  Buckle up your seatbelt and go to www.affairhealing.com.


National support line: 1300 853 437

dads in distressIt might be the end of ‘the dream’, but it is a time when a new dream begins to be born.  Reach out to others who have empathy for what you are going through, borrow their strength and learn from their wisdom, the dream in you will find new life. The tools you need to be a strong co-parent and a proud father, or mother, will soon be in your hands once more.

Dads In Distress Support Services, providing hope and help to separated parents with national peer-support through weekly groups, 1300  phone service, buddies, and referral services.



MenAlive is an organization for mentoring and training men with a Catholic faith.  They hold events all over Australia and have the goal of producing happy, healthy, strong men who are courageous in their values and purpose.


Top Blokes

The Top Blokes Foundation is a youth-led organisation that inspires Australian young men aged 18-24 to ignite their inner top bloke and positively contribute to their community through volunteering and adopting healthier ways of living. Top Blokes Foundation provides opportunities for young men to become peer mentors, positive male role models and reduce anti-social and risk-taking behaviour to provide a safer community for all.

Email: info@topblokes.org.au
Web: www.topblokes.org.au

Phone: 0404 630 013
Snailmail: PO Box 136, Wollongong, NSW 2500


 The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army has been helping men through the tough times for over 100 years.  They have the resources and manpower to help when things are looking pretty tough.  Most services are free.






http://au.cl.thepmrc.org/         Ph: (02) 9319 1111        Email: info@celebratelove.com.au
2-day seminar for married couples, conducted all over Australia – Couples identify individual needs for intimacy and emotional support, freeing them to trust more fully and rekindle the passion and joy of being ‘in love’.CelebrateLove is suitable for married couples of all ages. The seminar is presented in the context of the Catholic faith, however participants of all faiths and practices are most welcome.



Lifeline works with men in the darkest days of their lives.  When things are really, really tough, they are someone to call.  It’s a free service.



Fatherhood Foundation

Ph: 02 4272 6677                                                       Fax: 02 4272 6680

info@fatherhood.org.au                                          www.fatherhood.org.au

Dads4Kids – The Fatherhood Foundation has played an historic role in the work of restoring and strengthening Australian fathers. We invite you to work with us to turn the tide of fatherlessness by promoting excellence in fathering. Our goal is to make excellence in fathering the norm of everyday life in Australia and be a fatherhood resource for the rest of the world.