Overview of Needs

Men and women don’t think in the same ways. Everyone knows that, except for the people who are paid to question it.

Men go to Bunnings, buy a heap of stuff they really need and go home. We don’t window shop. We don’t stop for a coffee there or calculate calories. We don’t drop our mobile phone on tiles and we don’t tend to wear high heels. We don’t walk around the garden bed if stomping on the flowers will
save us 3 steps and we don’t do things until they are due or overdue because if we finish early we know we’ll be given another job to do. We know that farts are funny and if someone is annoying us, we feel okay about telling them so. We can go outside in the morning without spending 15 minutes in front of the mirror. We’re not the same.

There is nothing wrong with being a man, or thinking the way a man does. In fact, it’s quite fun. The problems only happen when we start to think that our girlfriend/partner/wife thinks like we do. We tend to, without realizing it, treat her like she is a guy and has male needs that she doesn’t have.

We all know that a happy wife means a happy life. So how do we keep her happy? Well, it comes down to meeting her needs and we can’t do that until we recognize what her needs are.

Every woman is different but here are the top ranking needs that most women have…

Need 1: Affection… showing that you care.

Need 2: Conversation… taking the time to listen – to really tune in.

Need 3: Honesty and openness… being real with her, because acting doesn’t work.

Need 4: Affirmation and encouragement… because she needs it.

Need 5: Commitment to family and home… because she’ll love you for it.